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Creating a Non-combustible AND Lightweight Floor System...

To be a more widely accepted option in floor systems there needs to be Cold Formed Steel products available that can efficiently span distances greater than the standard hotel room. CFS trusses can be used, however, the effectiveness of a CFS truss is quickly reduced when it must support significant dead loads such as poured concrete over metal deck. Reinforced Concrete Panels, such as the USG Structural Concrete Subfloor, are a lightweight alternative to poured in place concrete slabs over metal deck. They typically come in 4ft x 8ft sheets and are usually ¾” thick, like plywood. These panels have the strength of concrete, are light weight (5 psf vs 30 psf for a 3” concrete slab) and are non-combustible. Like plywood, these panels may be cut with a circular saw and are screwed to the supporting members. Under standard residential floor load reinforced concrete panels require support at 2’ oc max. Under that same loading, CFS Trusses, like the Advant Truss, are most efficient when used at that same spacing, which incidentally, corresponds to typical CFS wall stud spacing, allowing for a more uniform load path versus wide spaced composite joists. Additionally, this 'system' has been tested and accepted for a 2 Hour rating by UL - H524!

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